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GeoGet Database Addon - Problem with URL Encoded Characters in Filepath

Celda shared this problem 9 years ago

I have been using GeoGet Database Addon for ages :-) (BTW - great, thanks !)

But only recently something has gone wrong - it gradually stopped working on both my Android devices. When I try to invoke the addon from Locus it announces "Nebyla nalezen soubor s GeoGet databází! Nastavte ji!" (GeoGet database file not found! Set the filepath!) even if the DB3 filepath has been set properly!

After some experiments I found out the reason - if the filepath contains some "browser-unfriendly" characters (such as space), it is converted into URL encoded characters (such as %20) and the addon cannot be invoked then!

I can live with that but it is rather unpleasant because I use more GeoGet databases and their names follow my conventions.

Has anyone got an idea what could have changed ? I am sure the filepath did not use to be sensitive to such characters.

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Hi Celda,

nice report, but please contact add-on developer. For you surprise, it`s not me ;). I`m creating only Locus itself and add-ons for contacts and augmented reality. All other (maybe more then 10 others now) are created by independent developers.


I know that the author is not you but Radim Vaculik. However I placed the topic here, because:

1) I have not found any other better place, maybe theese would also be usable:

2) My findings could be interesting for other Locus users too and they would also hardly find it in the resources mentioned above.

and (last but not least)

3) I presume the addon is using some API/libraries/methods (I have never programmed for Android myself) which Locus uses too, so you (or someone else here) could also know what has recently changed.


After some experimenting I found a problem in Locus API - sample application. So not directly in Locus or Locus API for developers, but in samples I provide for others

So instead of

File file = new File(data.getData().toString());

should be correctly

File file = new File(data.getData().getPath());

so easy fix for a developer if he`s still work on this add-on


Thanks. I knew this was going to be the right place to publish my problem even if it was not in Locus itself ... :-)

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