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getCacheUrlFull return order

Attila Bierbaum shared this problem 8 years ago

I created an addon for caches.

Here the cache codes are starts with "GC" prefix as same as

In the addon I set the GeocachingData.mCacheUrl property.

My problem in the Locus program : if I click on the gc code of cache (in the cache details) the program redirects to instead of mCacheUrl

I think it because as same logic as in the getCacheUrlFull function in the sample locusAPI.

How can I override it in the program??? Or may you change it in the next version ???


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Good day Attila,

thank you for a report of this "problem". It's is correct that current Locus version consider caches that starts with "GC" code, as caches from groundspeak.

Don't you worry, if I made from you small test rabbit? I have updated a code of GeocachingData container to allows define source for caches directly, so Locus will handle them better.

New version of library is published now here: . Try to add it directly as dependency over gradle.

For your case, use

  1. GeocachingData gcData = new GeocachingData();
  2. gcData.setCacheId("GC1345456", GeocachingData.CACHE_SOURCE_GEOCACHING_HU);

You may validate result by calling gcData.getCacheUrlFull() , which should return wanted URL address.

You will anyway need also new version of Locus Map, so you have to wait on next Beta or Public version to test it if it really works.

Let me please know at least that works above method and mainly add-on API over maven repository. Thanks



Sorry I had not enough free time to spend with it. Iwill try your solution, and I report from it.

Thanks a lot


Hello Menion!

I tried it with the fully new asamm locus-android-sample git repo, and it works perfectly !!!

I had some hardness with the jfrog plugin but I solve it :D (just because I new in android development)

I put these code to your generateGeocache() function and got back the correct url with the getCacheUrlFull() func.

Thanks a Lot

I'll wait for the updated Locusmap



perfect, glad to hear it. If you want to test it sooner, there is since yesterday a new Beta version:



I tested with the beta, it works.

Now I can redirect the users to the cache's logging site




I have a remark for the new beta : the own caches are seems as new not-found(green-box icon).

In the current play version appears right as an own-cache (star-icon).

The addon is same build from Android studio ....What is the difference ?


Hi, are you sure you have defined your name in Locus settings > geocaching? So Locus is able to recognize correctly your own caches.


Ahh, so this is the relation....I set it and works :-D

Thanks (I apologize for disturbing you like this)

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