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Getting from a track point to its chart position

Michael Bechtold shared this idea 9 years ago

Getting from a track point to the chart, with vertical line already put

in (the other way round is there - from position in chart you can get to

the point on the map easily)

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Good day Michael,

if I understand correctly, this idea is already done. Tap on point on a track, from context menu choose > edit mode and in new bottom panel tap on "show on chart". Or more easy way - in latest Locus version you may place Show on chart" button directly in context menu.


YEAH, now I found it - well done.

Now give us the "Edit" function in the Track and Point context menues as an option - and we are all happy :-)

One more thing: in Points you can select a number of objects and do "Fill altitude"; in Tracks this is missing.

Would be great to have that there, too. And be more consistent :-)

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