Getting informations about points of current track without the need to save the track

Dmitry Lesev shared this idea 3 years ago
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Sometimes i'd like to know different information about my current trip. For example:

- what is the distance between my current position and any track point? (by track line, not by straight line)

- what time i left the point?

- where i was at hh:mm ?

Actually, all needed data are stored in the current track already, but for getting answers for my questions i must first save current track, and only after this, i will be able to get information about track points.

Would be more useful and fast to operate with points of current track the same way as with saved tracks.

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Hello Andrew,

there is no need for some workarounds. In panel where you control ´track recording, exists mentioned "tools" button and there is first "Information" button. This opens required track screen with all details.


OK thanks.

"Information" - actual button name is "More about track".

So maybe rename "More about track" to "Information"? Similar to "Information" button in navigating panel. Simpler, consistent and shorter name too.

And back to original suggestion, to be consistent with saved track behavior, when the user taps on this actual track on the map, why not perform same action as "More about track"? Far easier than

  • tap record button >
  • tap Tool button (quite small button) >
  • tap "More about track" button.



Dmitry maybe some other relevant topics for you here and here.

It would be consistent for UI to treat current track like saved track.


Thank you Andrew

Let's say i just highlighted why this can be important, and what type of real questions appear.

I.e. i need info about time+distance for any point of current track. Any analytic info (statistic, charts) and editing a track are possible (for me) to get later, after route.