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Getting rid of nogo-points in routeplanner

Stephan shared this question 5 years ago

I am a little puzzled, because I delete some NoGo points many times, but they reappear. No I observed, if I delete the Nogo-Point, the nogopoint disappears. After I kill and restart the app, and start the routeplanner the nogo point is reappeared.

Second observation. I created the nogo points with a time limit. The reappearing nogo-points loosed the time limit.

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Good day Stephan,

really interesting problem I never read before.

Configuration of NoGo places is in file located in Locus/cache/various/ . Is it possible for you, to delete this file manually when Locus is closed? It looks to me like app is unable to change this file and that's why nogo places re-appear after every app restart.

Let me know if this helped, thanks.


No. After deleting the recommended file all nogo-points were deleted. But new created nogo-points show the same problems.

During testing I observed an other odd thing. I had created a nogopoint with a time limit and 500m distance. I killed the app and restart without deleting the app and routeplanner. The nogopoint lost the time limit and the distance was 100m.


Really interesting.

Setup of nogo-place is saved at the moment, you hide bottom nogo-place settings panel. So if you killed application and bottom panel was still visible, save was not executed.

The configuration of all places is currently saved when the app is correctly terminated. So not killed by home > swipe, or over system settings, but with double back-click on main map screen and confirmation to close. Maybe this is the problem that happens to you?

I'll improve it and save changes in nogo places after every change, good point, thanks.


Thank you for yor efforts. This solved the problem.

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