Google missing from online map list (for downloading of satellite image)

Marc Vico Pauig shared this problem 5 months ago
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Good day! I'm a Locus map pro user, I'd like to ask where is the "Google" map located in online map as it seems to be missing but I've used it there before to download offline google satellite image as basemap for locus map. I've attached screenshot from my device (old, recently upgraded to a new one) showing "Google" in the list of online maps. Please help as I've purchsed the pro version for this.

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I'm sorry but Locus Pro doesn't support google maps due to terms of use. You probably used to use 3th party unsupported add-on that brakes this rules and add Google map. I'm sorry not Locus Free nor Locus PRO never supported Google map (maybe only some early version in 2012)

Thank you for understanding

Regards, Petr