Google Place stores value in wrong field

zhaelon shared this problem 2 years ago

Using the Google Place search, when you download the additional information, the address is stored incorrectly: the fields city and state are switched.

When you add the point to the database and load the address online in the edit dialog, the fields will be corrected.

I checked back with POI from back in 2013 and 2015 and the problem existed at that time already. All of the POI were located in the USA / Canada, where the behavior is easily reproduced.

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Good day zhaelon,

thank you for a bug report. I believe issue will be fixed in next version. Let me know if there still be some unprecise representation of addresses in USA, thank you!


Hi Menion,

I tried it with the current beta version and it still mixes the fields. For example, if you look at Boston and use Google Place search for 'The Midtown Hotel' (I randomly picked it for this example, as there is only one result), the Load more information provides the address:

Huntington Avenue 220

Massachusetts, 02115


United States

Clicking the + button and then Get Address switches Region (should be MA) and City (should be Boston).

I also noticed that in North America (I belive at least USA and Canada) the format of displaying the address is different:

In the given example, it would be:

220 Huntington Avenue

Boston, Massachusetts, 02115

United States

I recall that several other countries put the house number in front of the street name as well. If I remember correctly, some Asian countries as well as Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Should I open another thread, as the important thing here is that the content matches the field names :-)



you are too fast. Beta version you test is a week old, issue was fixed three days ago.

New Beta version will be available today after +-1 hour so try it, hope it will work fine now.