Google Places Search: "Load More Information" deletes existing links

Ingo Rau shared this problem 2 years ago

How to reproduce:

- Search for something with the Google Places search

- Add point to DB

- Edit point, adding a URL to it, save

- Now press "Load more information" -> The link is replaced with the links provided by Google

I think that shouldn't happen.

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Good day Ingo,

thank you for this report. This issue probably caused also lost of attached photos, videos, emails and phones.

Issue will be fixed in next Locus version.


Test with 3.18.1:

Still doesn't work completely. I tried it with a search results where Google has an URL and a phone number store. I added a (different) URL and phone number, stored the point, opened it again and did "Load more". My extra URL was still there, but the phone number got replaced.


Ingu, thanks, there were last (hope) issue just with first phone number. Fixed!