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Vitalii Kaptcanov shared this problem 8 years ago

Use case: I read some article in Wikipedia, for example this one: .

In the upper-right corner of the screen I see a link with coordinates. I click it and see "View this location in Google Maps, in OpenStreetMap, or select one of the services listed below:"

I right-click "Google maps", send this link to my phone using ChromeToPhone and try to open it.

If I choose to open it with Locus - it says something about incorrect data. If I choose to open it with OSMand Pro - it positions map center on desired point. Then I choose "Share" and get this point in Locus :)

Can I do this without OSMand?

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Hello Vitalii, thanks for a report. Problem fixed


Thank you Menion! The fastest reaction, as always :)

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