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Sebastian shared this idea 9 years ago
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Hi guys,

Is there a way, to take the photos via a wifi/bluetooth connected device like a gopro? Would be cool if it would be started via voice command. Imaging beeing on a mountainbike and only have to say something like "waypoint start video/photo" and a video/photowaypoint would be added.

Perhaps it would be over the top of locus, but then all the existing features are over the top amazing.

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ok its been 5 years but this can be achieved now with tasker and the locus plugin...


Really, even exactly what Sebastian wanted, so taking a photo from GoPro camera over voice command? Some post about how to do it? Should be an interesting topic for a blog post :).


The solution is built up of several different parts, i havent tested them all, but in principle

Autovoice tasker plugin can call a tasker task by voice command

also can start a task by bluetooth headset, so you could press button attached to handlebar

if you connect camera and phone to a battery pack as camera would need to be on wifi ideally

using the locus tasker plugin, the task has a line to create a waypoint

if the camera ( ive used Gitup G3, G2 and F1) is attached to the phone the phone connecting to the camera wifi

you can send http commands


Start video

Stop video

Take Photo

the commands can vary depending on camera chipset, the above is for novatech, ambarella is a bit different but can be done in tasker by sending tcp commands using another plugin, I havent tested on a gopro, but most of them use ambarella so that should be possible.

so the same task can create waypoint on phone, and Picture on sd card of camera

it could be transferred to phone , but the timestamp of the file would have to match an http request with time variable in correct format down to possible milliseconds tso that would be tricky.

bets to copy pictures to from camera to phone after trip, show geotagged photo layer, create POI points from the photos one by one, then edit the track, go to each waypoint and add corresponding photo to the waypoint matching location if they are geotagged, or just datestamp if they arent.

nb some action cameras dont correctly set correct time and date in exif so cant be geotagged by falcos geotagging function.

if used tasks to start tracking, take waypoint, and take camera photos, ive not actually used all of them together yet.

only got the tasker plugin last week

i think gopro for a few years can take photo by voice, some other cameras can as well, so if you had the same voice command in tasker/autovoice, then that command could also take a waypoint on the phone which would be simpler


If you could add a picture from geotagged layer to a waypoint in a track, rather than just a POI, that would be easier as well, no need to create the waypoint then, but ill be adding that as an idea in another post soon...

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