GPS acquires satellites then drops off

Peter Prassinos shared this question 2 years ago

I noticed that the reason why the route that I created lagged badly during "turn-by-turn navigation" was because the GPS keeps on acquiring satellites and then a few seconds later drops them and I get "No satellites" in the skyplot.

I have turned off "Battery Saver", I have checked the GPS settings in my device and finally I have shortened the times in "GPS auto-off" so that the GPS tries to re-acquire the satellites a lot quicker.

Helps a bit but there is still some lag.

I have also requested a "Reset A-GPS", but don't know what happens there - it just said "Request sent"? To whom is it sent? Does someone come to my door and resets my GPS :)

Any ideas what is causing the constant loss of satellites?


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Hi Peter,

"GPS auto-off" does precisely what is expected - automatically puts GPS receiving OFF. So when you need continuous GPS fix for navigation, please turn this feature completely off. It is suitable e.g. for track recording of long distance hiking when you don't need continuous GPS fix, but only switching GPS on in some time intervals for creating trackpoints.

best regards

Michal, Locus team


Ahh - yes! Very clear when it is explained.

Thank you.

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