GPS Bluetooth - long position update

Glaeken shared this problem 4 years ago

I have a problem with Bluetooth GPS (MTK chipset, Pentagram P3106).

When using "Bluetooth GPS" with mock lockation enabled - everything is fine. Update time is 1 second.

When using internal Locus Bluetooth GPS connection, GPS data update time is exactly 20 seconds.

It's ridiculously high, and navigation is almost impossible.

Is it possible to lower the update time to 1 second?

The main thing is - Mock location is using locationmanagerservice, which does wake locks like mad, in 5 hours did over 50 THOUSAND wakelocks.

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Hello Glaeken,

20 seconds means some bug on backgound (probably), because in Locus is nothing like "grab location in certain time interval).

Are you able to create for me a log by this method ? I hope there will be any error message that gives me an idea, what's wrong. Thank you


I've fount out, it's related to Bluetooth connection. Something with "Insecure" and "Reflection".

When using different "Bluetooth GPS", I had to check an option "workaround" for BT connection.

I'll try to create debug log anyway.