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Jonathan Araujo shared this idea 6 years ago
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It would nice to have the option to get GPS data (NMEA) from external devices using network host and TCP or UDP port instead of just from bluetooth connection or local GPS. Locus would work as a client.

This way, we can use whatever GPS receiver or hardware that is able to send data over network. Also, it would open up a lot new possibilities to use Locus.

Also, it would be nice if Locus could use an external USB GPS devices connected on the OTG port. I could, for example, attach a better receiver, with external antenna, instead of using the poor quality built in GPS of the phone.

Is that possible for myself to write an addon for that? (I'm a programmer)

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Has there been any work carried out for this, id really like to see this also


Hello Jonathan & Mark,

support for the GNSS device over USB is already supported by the Locus Map 4.

Support for TCP/UDP is currently not implemented and also because of a low number of votes, it is currently not even planned.


This would be a really cool feature. I navigate with Locus in my truck and have a Teltonika router with a Roof 5G,Wifi,GPS antenna which would increase the precision quite a bit when using NMEA ofer the internal Wifi instead of the integrated GPS receiver.

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