GPS Flywheel

Jürgen Gärtner shared this idea 5 years ago
Gathering feedback

I use Locus as an universal "all-in-one" tool. Therefore I have also replaced my Garmin/TomTom car navigation device by Locus with OAM maps. It works fine.

But one smart capability of all these navi devices is missing:

In a moving car I do not have always an enough strong GPS signal. Sometimes it is weak, sometimes it is completely dropped off, e.g. in a tunnel. In case of a missing GPS signal these commercial navis approximate the further GPS data by estimation it out of the last history depending on the current speed. That means the incoming GPS data drive something like a "flywheel" before further processing. These estimated data are always better then nothing in case of bad GPS reception. Longer stops and jumps of the actual position are avoided.

Sure, the needed algorithm is not easy and it likely depends on something more that I can overlook in my simple feeling.

Would be great ..

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