GPS stopped recording in stand by mode

Jürgen Huber shared this problem 19 months ago
Not a Problem

Smartphone Huawei Mate 9

System Oreo Android 8.0

I read the FAQ and I checked the settings for energy-saving.

You can be sure:

I have no activ power saving mode.

the setting of Locus Map is running on Stand by mode.

I reduce the time between receive the gps signal.

Nevertheless, if the system goes in Stand by (dark touchscreen), the recording Track mode is continous, but without GPS Signal. Locus find the GPS signal only when the screen is activated.

So in this case this software is useless. I get angry every time I use this software.

I have this problem starting from Android 7.0

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Hi Jürgen,

what is you Locus GPS setting? Go to Locus Menu > Settings > GPS&Location and check if:

1) Disable when hidden - ON or OFF? Turn it OFF

2) Track recording - ON or OFF? Turn it ON

3) GPS auto-off - ON or OFF? Turn it OFF

Check also your system settings if GPS is excluded from battery optimization. If not, exclude it.


Hey Michal,

thanks so lot. I changed point 3 and also the feature in system settings > Apps > App Info> Akku> Starten > automatisch verwalten = on.

So it's function after the first test.

best regards

Jürgen Huber