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Martin shared this idea 10 years ago
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First, I love the GPS auto-off feature - it really helps a lot to save battery in most cases when I use Locus - simply just looking at the map.

What I do not like is that GPS auto-off apply also when I switch to the navigation mode. To me that does not make much sense - when I want to start navigation then I think it is logical to assume I want to have GPS turhed on all the time to have real time navigation.

So my proposal is to change the behavior in a way that when I start navigation then the GPS auto-off is automatically disabled. When I exit the navigation mode then the GPS auto-off should again kick in.

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Excellent idea. I suspect that many complaints during navigation of "recalculate is sluggish" or "recalculate not sensitive enough" are due to the GPS Auto-Off feature being enabled.

This also applies to Track recording. For instance, if you enter in settings a record rate of one sample per second, or select a profile that does the same, yet you have the Battery Saver set to 60 second intervals, Battery Saver prevails.

So selection of Track Recording should also disable Battery Saver, or at least trigger a message: "This Recording Setting/TRP Not Supported By Present GPS Auto-Off Setting".


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