GPS Averaging Bug

druki shared this problem 8 years ago

If I try to get new or better coordinates from Co-App "GPS Averaging" for a given or new POI (edit POI->position new), the average coordinate values (end averaging) are not taking effect to the POI.

Workarround: If I call GPS Averaging independent and use the share function (envelope-symbol) to give the result to Locus, a new waypoint is crated correctly on map.

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thank you druki, fixed now


In reading the knowledgebase = the customization pages are not yet defined, for example the config file, so I'm interested to find out if anyone does this - Is there a way to set Locus Pro to use the GPS Averaging app's output for the "location fix" automatically when recording a track or setting a waypoint? I noticed that sometimes in LP my track is off by 20 or 30 feet from the actual path, and I thought perhaps the Averaging App would enhance accuracy. When I run it separately, I do find the point to be more consistent, especially regarding altitude. (I know precisely how high my deck is, for example, because I live in the Lake Travis Flood Plain, and I had to insure my living space is above the spillway of the dam.)

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