GPS is "off" after screen off/on

Jen ovečka shared this problem 8 years ago

In last update there should be this "fix: turing off GPS after screen on/off" but this problems still appears for me.

I have ver. 2.2.0 Pro, GPS auto-off disabled. In fact I have checked "Disable when hidden" only in "GPS and location" settings.

Here`s how I can reproduce this:

GPS is on, showing my location on map. I turn screen off, wait for few seconds and turn screen on again. Locus still displays "GPS on" on GPS screen but GPS icon is not displayed in Android taskbar and location on map isn`t shown neither.

I have to turn GPS off and on in Locus (or e.g. press Home button and then return back to Locus) and then it works again.

My phone is Nexus S with stock Android 2.3.6.

Edit (Apr 5th): I got update to Android ICS 4.0.4 and problem persists.

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Hello Jen,

thanks for report. I have one similar problem with GPS here and maybe they`re connected. I`ll probably tomorrow release new version. When this issue remain there, let me know and we`ll solve it


Problem seems solved in todays version. Thank you! :-)


so three days since your report and no more negative comments, fine. So I`m marking this topic as solved. In case of troubles, feel free to open new issue