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GPSies removed

Jürgen Holm shared this problem 4 years ago


Latest version:

chg: R.I.P. ... integration and Web services menu removed as a whole ( merged with without option to integrate the new service)

Why? GPSies is working!

Why not removing this web service when GPSies is stopping his service? I love GPSies! ist not avail. in Locus AND is only available with a subscription :-(

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Hi Jürgen,

at the moment, you are right. NOW GPSies is working. But not forever - the process of merging with Alltrails has begun and soon no GPSies will exist. We are sorry for that but we are not those to blame...

best regards

Michal, Locus team


As soon as I read this bad news I immediately cancelled my account from Gpsies and all my tracks from their repository. I think everyone should do that.

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