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GPX track exported from Garmin Basecamp 4.7.0 cannot be imported into Android Locus Map Pro 3.37.1

Peter Kueng shared this problem 15 months ago

I have a german version an get the message "Datei(en) enthalten keine Punkte oder Tracks für den Import (File(s) do not contain points or tracks for the import).

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Good day Peter,

I've just checked your attached file and it seems to import without any problem. How you send your file into your phone? May you please check by any file browser that file is correct at least by its size? Thanks.


Hello Menion,

Thanks for your fast response. I sent the gpx file by email to my Android device. Now I uploaded the file to my DropBox and imported it from there and it works! So the problem must be caused by the way the email encodes the file in transit.

Thank you for your support




Hello Peter,

perfect. Email should work correctly, but based on Locus Map info (no points/tracks in file), it looks like its name was correct, but the file was most probably empty.

Fine it works over Dropbox.

Have a nice day,


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