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Gpx Track to a Route

Dave Welsh shared this question 7 years ago

I have laid out a route using furkot, this route will be 5 or 6 days covering about 3000 miles.

This route is broken into segments so it is not all 1 big file.

3 files actually.

I have it in my dropbox folder and I use Locus to import it.

It comes in correctly showing all of the gpx points.

How do I turn this into a route that I can follow and save it?


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I suppose your .gpx data from furkot is imported in Locus as a track, saved in Track-DB.

Then you can select a track and choose the navigate function in details window at the bottom or points menu with greater sign at right.


That's right - select the track in the track manager or on the map. In the first case tap the "navigation" sign in the bottom bar, in the latter the arrow ("more" menu) button and then the navigation button. More about navigation along a track here:


I have it figured out. I had to export Route and Tracks in Furkot. Not one or the other.

I do both it comes in perfect.

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