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GPX data import, not all POIs are shown

Peter shared this problem 11 years ago

I am doing Munzee and got Locus Pro for that to find the POIs. POIs are imported as GPX into LocusPro. Today not all data is shown my Locus, even I see during the import, that the right number (~280) of POI`s was imported.

- Shown in Locus: 14

- GPX created via:

- GPX file tested directly from the source (page has as output GMaps available) and via


A hint or solution would be of course great, used Locus Free for that for a while, decided to say "thank you" and bought Pro.

If there is a line what might be to long etc, I can still try to do manual tweaking to the GPX file.

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OK, I managed to show the imported data on the map. When importing the file / or URL Locus comes up with a screen saying "Points with the same name exist already in the DB. Overwrite?"

I always thought "well, it`s completely fresh data, I am wondering how the Locus DB has it already, but ok, let`s just click overwrite".

Seems like that doesn`t work, from the three options "overwrite", " ignore" and "skip" I need to use "ignore".

This made it on device A) appear, but device B) just said "imported ...~300 POIs". I had somehow to tap here, and tweak there and try and at the end it shows me the points.

Great, solved :)

Anyway, the UX is from my point of view the weakest point of that great application. I am doing something and get a result at the end, but I have tro try and hope instead of understanding.


Hi Peter,

I`m working on improving UX last months but not all is perfect :) Anyway in this case, I think it`s clear, isn`t it? You have probably more points with same name in this file, so if you import data, Locus for every new points, test if same point exist in database or not. Into this test are also took points already imported from same file.

In import dialog is also small "hint" that say, press "Ignore" to import with same name, or something like this

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