GraphHopper has some Problems with Bridges

k@y shared this problem 6 years ago
Not a Problem

During the last days I played a little bit with GraphHopper, and I can say I like it!

But I see some Problems/Bugs which I want to report.

It seems that GraphHopper has some Problems with big bridges on German Motorways. The navigation tell's on most of the bridges "continue in direction" and sometime "get left (or right)" if the bridge is an curve.

Another anoiing thing is that each small curve or junction will get navigation instructions. But in 90% of the cases its not necessary. For example the street where i am driving on has a small junction (sometimes only footways) and the main direction will be ON the street. But Graphhooper tells something (turn left, or continue or....)

The last bug I see today was, that I have to leave the Motorway, but Graphhopper tells nothing. The reason was that the motorway has a left curve and in this curve was the junction where I have to leave. On the map the right way was shown, but no instruction to turn right.

I hope you will continue the work on this plugin!!!

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Good day Key,

unfortunately I'm not an developer of GraphHopper engine and I have no influence on it's functionality. So if there are any problems (and I also know, they are), you have to write on developers pages, not on support for Locus.

Also because of many issues in GraphHopper engine, it's usage as Locus add-on is still only experimental.


Yes know that this is only experimental, but I hope you will continue the work on it in future and improve it.

Sorry I thought that someboby of your developer team is responsible for that plugin. Therefore I placed this topic here.



To be precise:

- developers of GraphHopper created a library that may be used by other app. They are responsible for work of GraphHopper itself

- I did a small add-on that use this above library and that may serve as another service in Locus. Anyway how correctly GraphHopper compute route, do not depend on me.