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GraphHopper "street name" is lost at export tcx or gpx 1.0 out.

0709 shared this idea 5 years ago

Add "street name" in exported tcx <Notes> and in gpx <cmt>. See attachment pdf.

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Good day Willy,

what is reason for this change?

  • You plan to use exported GPX/TCX track in any other application (then your request is based on how different app is programmed)?
  • Or it is about re-import back to Locus (then it does not matter where to place these values, but it should be 1:1 restored upon re-import)?


Most important is a nice complete tcx output. (Share into external app/gps). (Can be optimised)

By tcx standard out: It is a pity that the nice (unique) generated info by Locus/GraphHopper is partly lost.

Some supporting apps: Android. (By Iphone? Ipad ? no idea)

TwoNav, Track Navigator, Locus map AND the Garmin cycle gps range ;-) we known ...there is no standard gpx (strict) nav system proposal.

Anyway export by the in house gpx 1.1 Locus extension is not supported by any other app. Y/N ?

Succes export rate by adding some info into the standard elements <cmt> or <desc> improves the usability into some other apps/ gps (garmin). By informative waypoints only along a track. (No strict navigation support)

I exchanged navtrack with friends walking Garmin gps: Has no tcx support, has just basic track/wpt support.

No universal gpx nav standard, anyway there is some Navigation support by using the gpx 1.0 file

- By gpx track(trk) +waypoints (wpt): "Track Navigator" and by (not perfect gpx 1.0 support) "Locus".

(Maybe there are more such apps but I do not test all of them...usually find out after a while that Locus is most optimal one)

- By gpx route (rte): By the popular ViewRanger app.... but that's another story... ;-)


Part 2. 1:1 reimport back into Locus.

For tcx: Has only <Name><Notes> to be reimported, causes no loss of information.

Nothing to "add" nor "trim" nor "tune" as tcx by the Garmin "fixed" standard does not allow.

No new tcx development by Garmin. = End of story.

For gpx (no extension) no 'fixed" gpx nav alternative development allowed.

Menion, we shared some idea's BEFORE without realisation nor final conclusion. Halted.

At that time I noticed the objection about long <desc> text to be displayed into a SINGLE nav bar topline.

Than I went out of "munition", could not bring new 'argument' nor suggest alternative. was paused......

Anyway gpx has FREE available <cmt> and <desc> standard elements to be used for extra info.

- gpx <name>

- gpx <cmt>: Attach street name. (Example: GraphHopper streetname)

- gpx <desc>: Optional extra info (when available) (Example: track grade..paved, unpaved)

How to fit long <desc>text into single line bar ? (By screen dpi, landscape, portrait mode).

Example: To open in Browser ! (Not by Tapatalk)

- gpx <type>: Shape => Full functional Locus routeplanner file sharing inclusive shape points.


Good day Willy,

thanks for an info. Understand, so main point of this idea is to share content created i Locus to friends, that does not use Locus.

I've improved this little bit now, so in next version, street name should be placed into "notes" (TCX) or "cmt" (GPX).


Hey Menion,

Thanks for improving this (although I can not benefit from this most of the time because I mainly use Brouter, which does not provide street names)!

What do you think about Willy's proposal of also exporting shape points into gpx? This way sharing Locus-created tracks to others could be improved even more!


Yes, this is something I have to find some time and create some test version. Idea here proposed by Willy and others, is to keep all shaping points in track for later post process and also export them to GPX/TCX. I'm generally not against it, just needs to create it in a way, that these points won't complicate work with app.

@0709, did you tried latest version? You are always doing so precise test of such features, that I'm sure you find something more to improve here :).


Sure Menion.

By actual Locus V 3.30.2 using the full supported <cmt> element I probably found nice new improvement !

'(Except the strange "loop in time" timestamps issue...will be solved anyway)

On desk tests are succesfull, but now have to go out for real cycle test. I keep you informed anyway (very) soon.

About sharing Shape points...only by gpx. By adding the element <type> shape in individual point.

Not by tcx ! As tcx does not allow any new development.



A. Strict Navigation drive test by gpx track_waypoint (no extension) file Result: 100% succes.

B. Strict Navigation drive test by gpx (rte) route file. Result: Very promising.

Promoting non sym rtept's into simple trkpt functionality probably also will result in 100 % succes.

Additonal benefits of (rte)route: Free from the mandatory use of critical time stamped points. Unproblematic free add experimental timestamps (coupled to slope) for best ETA estimates

<type>Shape</type> (Suggestion)

A: gpx trk_wpt system. Add in asscociated wpt.

B. gpx rte system. Add directly in rtept.

(Files used for drive tests attached.)


2x success, perfect. Hope this will also help in cases you wrote before: export of routes from Locus to Garmin devices of your friends.

So finally some progress, perfect, thanks for tests.

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