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tommi shared this idea 10 years ago
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Discussion was here:

Rough comprehension:

It would be good to have the possibility to group `Quick Add Points` which serve for different purpose in different folders.

E.g. let user create a group for e.g. use with brouter, another group for use when documenting a hiking tour, etc.

Having all these Quick Add Points in one list is quite confusing.

You don`t know what `Quick Add Point` is?

Look here:

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+137! :p


It would be even better if every group has its own "Quick New Points" button to get the possibility to have multiple "Quick New Point" buttons on screen.


doku.php link broken? just goes to main page. Do you mean this topic -

I don't understand the suggestion. In your screenshot doesn't the text underneath each quick-add-button tell you the purpose?

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