Guidance Along a Route with Selectable Waypoint as Target

Eddie Teo shared this idea 5 years ago
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Suppose I use a downloaded track as a route or plan a route manually with Route Planner where there is no route available on OSM, and let's say this route is a 3-day multi-day hike. For day one hike, my destination will be Campsite B which is a waypoint along the route. Right now if I use "Guidance Along a Route", the "Distance to Target" shown on the dashboard is the distance to the end of track, which is actually not my target, as my day one target is Campsite B.

The workaround I use now is to divide the track by cutting it at waypoint "Campsite B", then divide it again at the point where my second day hike would end. If during the hike I change my mind and decide to stop at Campsite C instead, then I'd have to do another cutting.

It will be very handy if we can dynamically select any wapoint on the route and set it as the target when using "Guidance Along a Route".

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Yes yes yes...this is exactly what I have been asking lately.

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