Guidance and distance to my goal

Göran Hellzen shared this question 2 years ago

When I start "guide to" everything goes ok. But there is one thing that bother me and that is I can't get the little beepsound that confirms that I am near my goal point at the distance I want it to. Even if I go to "settings" and "guidance" and "set next trackpoint" to 50m it will only beep at the distance of around 20m. No matter if GPS signal is as good as 3m.

If I change 50m to 75m - it doesn't change. 20m is the distance I get the "beep".

Am I doing some wrong? Have I forgotten anything?

Best from Goran in Sweden

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Hi Göran

the setting you are searching for is not "set next trackpoint"

one up in this window you see "Notification" > mark "Notify at distance" and e.g. 20m and e.g. "Beep" two times

enable it top right and select "Set"

Have fun



Thank's Wolfgang

You have made my day :-)

Sometimes You don't see what should be obvius

Thank's for quick answer



Hi guys,

@Wolfgang - thank you for cooperation!

@Göran, there are many more options how to set notification to a point during guidance, see

Wish you a nice day with Locus!


Hi Michal

Nice! Thank's for helping a beginner in the specified item. 

So many other possibilities in Locus and now this one to explore

Have a nice weekend


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