Guidance since 3.18.7 worse than before

Wolfgang shared this problem 5 years ago

On bike tours I use guidance with instructions (from BRouter) for "lean navigation". Before 3.18.7 I used "Set next trackpoint" with 80 m and I got the TTS notification depending on my speed e.g. "in 70 meters turn left" and the display was turned on for 5 sec - this was my battery efficient way of "lean navigation" during biking. The navigation panel showed the next instruction point (waypoint).

Now (3.18.9) the navigation panel shows the next track point - not the next instruction point (waypoint) and the TTS notification says "in 1 meter turn left". Although this point is 70-80 meters away from my actual position.

The TTS notification should calculate from the actual position as before 3.18.7 - not from the "next trackpoint position".

The navigation panel should be able to show the next instruction point (waypoit) - not the next trackpoint. Maybe this (trackpoint or waypoint) should be selectable in the configuration of the fields.

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Dear Wolfgang,

I was just on a vacation where I tested Locus and I found same issue in guidance mode of Locus. Wasn't sure if it worked perfectly before, but You just confirmed it did.

Sorry for a complications and thanks for bug-report. Consider issue as solved, so it will work as expected in next Locus Map version (release is planned before middle of October).

Thank You!


Sounds perfect - thank you!

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