Guiding "point by point" with a voice announcement

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For outdoor travel we need guiding "point by point" with a voice announcement. (But no navigation "turn by turn".) Imagine rafting on a mountain river kayaking. We must receive advance warning of the danger. After passing the obstacles need to know the following goal. Would love to hear the name of the point in the distance and the direction of the point. After reaching the point you want to automatically switch to the next point. But throw a paddle and pick up a smartphone for this is not desirable - preferably automatically. There is a similar function - "POI Alert", but there is no sequence of points and automatically switch to the next point.

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Good day Petrov,

may you imagine, how this should work? How you define sequence of points, define distance when you already reached a point and so on?

Why POI Alert is not suitable for you? As it works in exactly same way. It notify on nearest points, not in defined sequence, but just in a way you pass along.


The river flows only downward. We want to hear accurate information about the next point (not on the nearest point).

How it should work. Outdoor travelers rafting before exploring the documentation about the route - Guide book. It lists all the obstacles. Usually we write on paper yourself this list. In Locus can do this in two ways: 1. Create a track; 2. Create a folder and there create a sequence of points. The "point by point" should report information about each point sequentially.

How to fix the time to automatically switch to the next point - it is necessary to fix two things: on the approach to the point A (parameter) and then through the meter interval T (parameter) seconds away from it on the B (parameter) meters. After this, we can assume that we are already moving to the next point.


PS It is possible to analyze even the direction of movement (to the point or away from point)


Also likely to be a useful additional idea - save in Locus connection between point of track and POI, when we create a new POI from the track edit menu. This is important, because in the point of the track not add details otherwise.


Rafting - only one example among many. Other kinds of Outdoor travelers also need to "point by point" guiding.

Furthermore, using the "point by point" voice guiding and connection between point of track and POI, can offer an interesting additional functionality - audio guide! To do this, play an audio file from the PRI. Imagine riding a bike and a car, when voice tell interesting details of places and objects that you pass. Moreover, the use of "point by point" lets start the story next point advance, even before she came in. All this automatically - hands free.


Hi Petrov,

A lot of ideas here. I think it is becoming very hot now in Praha ;-) Probably there is already an app that can help you to realise your wish. Point by point, sequentially in the correct track order using TTS. After passing waypoint it will tell you how many meters away from next waypoint. Before reaching that next point you have a prewarning expressing the Waypoint info. When reaching that point, again you will hear thatWaypoint information. But keep your IP67 phone above the water to receive gps signal ;-)

You need : A track and the information Waypoints.

Waypoint preparation: Condition to function properly ! Very important !

(free) floating Waypoints has to appearin a 6m corridor (+and- 3m) around the track !

- Or only use Waypoint (free) name. (name = your warnings).

- Or use a compact Waypoint Name (serial number for example) and put the warning info in the Waypoint

field: "Description".

Android App: "Track Navigator." I only tested version TTS English !

TTS and onscreen information.

- Expressing the Waypoint Name when there is no "Description" field info or,

- Expressing the Waypoint "Description"info field when available.

Waypoints (poi) can be produced in Locus. but correct precise placement is important !

Edit Waypointname, and or optional also Waypoint "Description" field.

Problem: Merging the .gpx track and Waypoints into one .gpx file !

This merging can not be done easily by Locus. There is a workaround, too complicated and the .gpx Waypoint

'Description' field is lost during such operation.

Preparing, producing a merged track/Waypoints is possible using personal pc. Windows program: GPX editor.

Petrov if this helps you, pse later some report here.

0709 - Willy.


Thank you, Willy! I will definitely try "Track Navigator" too.

About Locus:

"Problem: Merging the .gpx track and Waypoints into one .gpx file!"

I think that there is no need to merge into one file. Free Waypoint could contain a link to this track and number of track point in its name or in a different field. Locus should be able to find by this link a corresponding free point in pre-specified folder when it does guide track.

There is also a simple way: Folder Name of POI = Name of the track; Point name in this folder = number of points that track. Locus easily find such points.


Ok Petrov,

I am not a fan of databases ;-) and prefer the info in one nice track, easy to share.

Hé Locus-Menion, I know a little bit out of topic, but maybe in a future Locus version ?

Merging track/waypoints into a .tcx file (Track Navigator) using "Coursepoints"field by conversion of the Locus "Waypoints"field should be possible using next updated version of the JaVaWa RTWtool (windows). Actual version only supports Waypoint field conversion. Merge: points.gpx(v1.0) and track.gpx (v1.0) in same folder -> open folder and convert to .tcx. Tracks to Courses and Waypoints to Coursepoints.


Video info, illustrating that POI alert to guide indeed completely fails in combination with such complicated trackruns. Not showing "Petrovs" kayaking traject on a mountain river, but this example track also is going downwards.

All 3 examples use the same .gpx trackrun, merged with Waypoints Point 1, and 2. Extended info in <cmt> and <desc> fields. Only in video 2 the waypoints <desc> field was stripped away.

Video 1.

Locus. - Waypoints, POI alerting (TTS) set at 100 m.

Video 2:

Track Navigator. - Waypoints, no <desc> field. Navigator autoselect the waypoint <name>field.

Video 3:

Track Navigator. - Waypoints, using the extra information from the <desc> field. ;-)


I know this is an old thread, but is it still the valid way to work at the moment?

To explain my situation at the moment: In Belgium we have a hiking and biking network of nodes. These are poles next to a trail with a number. This way you can plan a track that goes for example from node 20 -> 94 -> 70 and so on. I can plan my route online and export this to a .gpx file with each node as waypoint and the name of the node in the title.

What I want to do in Locus is have guidance and an announcement with TTS of the current waypoint and the next one. For example "You reached point 96 next one is 94".

How I solved it in Locus at the moment:

  • Edit the title of the waypoints in the gpx file to something like "node 96, next node 94".
  • Import track and points separately in locus
  • Start guidance along the track.
  • Activate "POI alert" with TTS enabled, thus reading out the title of the waypoint (and within the title the next node).

Or is there a easier way to do so, because when I invert the track the announcement of waypoints will be wrong?


Hi Dries,

A. By

B. Export > Select: Knooppuntnummer en het volgende knooppuntnummer in de wegbeschrijving als waypoint naam. Export to gpx or tcx file.

"Knooppuntennumber " = Via point announcement by name.

At Locus gpx import: Merge points with imported track !

(Alternative = By tcx select and Locus import.)


Settings > Navigation > Advanced settings > Frequency of commands: None !

Love the silence, no turnindications as the cycling path is well indicated.

Free selection: "Out of route" notification.


Hi, thanks, will try this one for the bicycle nodes part. Would the same exist for hiking? I use or sometimes but neither seem to have to option to save the gpx with the "Knooppuntnummer en het volgende knooppuntnummer in de wegbeschrijving als waypoint naam" option.


NEW suggestion simplified.


Follow track by TBT AND Guidance.
Ready to go attached in a gpx navigation track.

Shaping vs. Via trkpt point result:
TTS @ trkpt 5 by shaping: "track at 9" (compact) or "track at 9 o'clock"
TTS @ trkpt 5 by via: "track at 9 - Unpaved"

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