Guiding to multiple track points

Frank Schühlein shared this idea 11 years ago
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Currently Locus guide feature always selects the closest point of a track point list. Wouldn`t it be good if user can select the actively guided point!? During active guidance it should be possible to select next (not closest!) resp. previous point in track point list.

I hope that my suggestion was understandable and I would appreciate if it can be included in future versions of this great app.

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Hello Frank,

in settings > guiding is settings "Auto-select best point". If you uncheck this, Locus will stop select guiding points automatically and will use only parameter "Set next point". This mean you`ll always need to go around point in less then "set next point" distance.

Did you tried this settings? Maybe this will cover what you request ...


Hi Menion,

Thanks for your reply but that was not my intention. Maybe I try to explain it in other words: it is not possible to step through the track points to select a specific point which is afterwards used for guide.

I also tried your proposed option but I have still problems using guide for multiple points (track) as I cannot choose the desired point of the track. Therefore I propose to add the possibility to step to consecutive resp. previous track point in upper left guide button drop down menu i.e. where currently the "next" (closest) waypoint option is located

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