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Gunter Nitzsche shared this idea 10 years ago
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I usually plan my tracks for biking with many details (every bend of the ways). But for guiding I would just need instructions at turns. GPSies started a new feature to add waypoints at turns automatically. So exporting from GPSies and importing in Locus gives me a track with detailed trackpoints an some waypoints (red dots) at the crossings. Now I would like locus to guide from waypoint to waypoint instead of trackpoint to trackpoint Is this possible?



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Pse first fix the "Waypoint notifier".


Track including some Waypoints attached here as example.

Only asking a "fix" now for the already existing offered modus in Locus. This already will be appreciated. (MTB). Rest of forum tread is still "brainstorming".

@Menion. I hope that the time you had to spend, into correct training the "wild cat", name Kit-Kat (sd card) is 100% succesfull now.

tnx 0709 Willy.

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