Hacked/Bypassed Locus Map Pro

Rogemar shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem

menion: link to cracked version removed

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Good day Rogemar,

thank you for information. I'm well aware that there exists this option and to be true, I do not see it as a big problem.

Did you read description how to do it? https://pastebin.com/PcYhr4gG . Except fact that you need a rooted device, you also have spend at least an half an hour to make it work correctly. Not sure if it worth for a few saved bugs, but when anyway wants it, then such people will never be willing to pay for some other work. So no problem at all.

Just excuse me, I'll remove this link, not to support mentioned page by back-linking from our help desk. If anyone will be interested, I'm sure he will find more then one place where is possible to download Locus and use it with same method. It looks I should change security system little bit, to make someone nice evening with testing how to bypass it :).