Hardware device not available

Marc Van Impe (VIM) shared this idea 11 months ago
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I started a track recording with a profile in which I defined a hardware device (thermometer).

However, the device's battery was empty so that it could not be found.

Locus continuously kept asking to connect to the device with a pop-up every x

few seconds.

I had to remove the device from the profile and exit/restart Locus before the pop-ups stopped. Found no other solution.

It would be nice to be able to stop the pop-ups with a choice like "Do not use device during this track recording only" (or something similar but shorter).

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Good day Marc,

understand your point. Have to say, that I already had the similar problem. A temporary solution that may help till be change how Locus Map works with external devices, should be enabled "Silent" connection mode for ANT+ device (Thermometer). In ANT+ manager screen, in the field with your device tap on "Tools" icon and choose "Silent" mode. This may cause, that app won't bother you in case, the device is not in range (enabled).