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Georg D shared this idea 10 years ago
Gathering feedback

In the Locus v2.20.2 icon-set, there are icons for nearly all common

transportation means on black background, just a boat and an aerial way (ski lift / gondola) are missing. Yes, the icon set misc-transportation

(Locus > Store > Graphics > Category icons >

Transportation) contains those but on brown background, which

interferes with Locus‘ built-in icons where brown is for physical needs

(toilet, smoking, etc) and black is for transportation.

Yes, I could create the boat icon with black background myself, but it would make much more sense to either add it into native Locus iconset or (IMHO better) harmonize the background colors of the standard

iconsets: The icon sets would be more complete & consistent in initial / out-of-the-box state and data exchange between users works

much better, as all share the same standard name for one icon.

What do you think?


EDIT by menion: I've renamed this topic and merged with another similar. It's now more general and focus on global improving of whole default icon set

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Hello Georg,

what should I say to this task - I personally do not have a problems with current default icons sets, but I agree, that it should be a lot better.

Locus currently use icons from this, well known web site :

If you try to set any point icon, you should choose source. Except Locus and you own styles, there is also a pack of Garmin icons. I can imagine, that Locus icons should be separated into same system of categories as are these Garmin icons.

I'm sure we can find some major, globaly used categories (like tourism, sport, transportation, marine and so on) and create a pack of icons with similar colors for every category.

So why not. Anyway this is very nice task, for anyone who have free afternoon and want to play with it :). I have attached to this post pack of default items from Locus. Names of these items have to remain same!, but design may change. I can then in Locus manually define categories and define which icons belong to which category.

If there will be interest (more votes) and no volutneer, I'll try to find some time and do it by myself, otherwise "Good luck"


I guess you merged the two topics "Harmonize background colors for standard icon sets, or add boat and aerial way to Locus icon set" and "Icon set misc sports: group similar sports". The latter one was about the icon-set Locus > Store > Graphics > Category icons > Sports. I've not found who's caring about it.

Currently, I need a while to find the desired icon. I believe this would be much easier if the icons were grouped, e.g. all skiing (including aerial ways), snow shoes, sledge, etc. next to each other, then a group with swimming, jet seki etc., then hiking, climbing etc,... Like this, the correct „area“ or "block" is instantly

found (like in Locus standard icons with their groups) and within that limited area, the desired icon is found quickly.

=> When I face a rainy afternoon I'll have a look at the mentioned website and I'll try to create one categorized & ordered & harmonized "extended" Locus icon set out of the existing Locus icon set and the Category ico sets.I guess we shall keep original names wherever possible.


Yes I merged them. Both were about "better/improved icon set", so I do it to make it more simple.

Hanka already updated packs of icons in new Locus Store, but content will be very similar. A lot of icons in one pack without clear order.

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