Heart rate reading interval to be set

Rocket SWET shared this idea 3 years ago

It would to be great the heart rate reading interval to be set for the long activities (6-14h) ,and save battery. (standard / 1s/ 5s/10s/ 30s/ custom sec)

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Good day,

I think we may discuss about it.

What should do this settings? Disconnect app from Bluetooth and then connect again when needed? In the case of 5s, it will consume more power than with 1s. What about gaps in recording? Every Xth recorded point will have HR value, rest don't?

What should be the main reason of this change? Saving battery? I believe that Bluetooth 4 battery consumption is close to "0", mainly compared to GPS & device screen.

So from my point of view, this feature is not so useful, mainly compare to time needed to implement it properly.


Thanks the fast answer! I don't know BT.4.thing, just test my Mi band 3 when

track recording ,and I see my battery quick low. Only use gps and BT.(heart rate) "airplane mode".

I better like Locus tracking than MI things. :)

The mi band is saving heart rate data during exercise in smart wrist ,but only sync MI-fit.


And you send HR values from your Mi band directly into Locus Map? So what you expect ... that Locus Map for the defined time, disable BT communication with your Mi band?

You also wrote that "I see my battery quick low". We talk about battery in device or in your Mi band?

Anyway, I really think that such improvement really brings extra settings, quite a lot of extra work and not a huge benefit. No matter that such feature cause real gaps in measured values.

So sorry, idea declined. Thanks for understanding.

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