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Robin99 shared this idea 10 years ago
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Can be possible to hide empty tabs in point screen?

When there are exists an empty tabs in point screen for example 0 waypoints or/and 0 attachments I think tabs should be automatically hidden by Locus.

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Hi Robin,

I can't agree! Locus hides tabs if there is no content, but only in case, you aren't able to add there any. In case of waypoints, you may add own new waypoints. In case of attachments, you may add own new attachments.


I agree, but you can move 'add' buttons somewhere else. I think there is no need to keep whole tab for one button.


The bar with the tab names consumes quite some screen area. I would appreciate to have that for actual content, e.g. seeing more of the description ;-)

1) In attachment tab of edit POI dialog, I can't do anything but press + icon in the title bar - that could also be shown & done also in "basic info" tab, the only content of tab "attachment" is redundant, so the tab becomes redundant.

2) As it's possible to navigate between tabs by swiping left/right, IMHO at least the heigth of the tab names row could be decreased (no need to tap on it) - so layout is still identical with filled and empty tab, but interface gets out of the of content (like firefox etc do, too). Applies to edito and display POI.

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