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Problem on Android PC (Remix Mini) in window mode

Kjell Forssen shared this problem 8 years ago

I am running Locus Pro on an Android PC (Remix Mini). When enlarging the map window over about 25 % of my 4K, 40 inch screen the map window goes black. When decreasing it the map gets displayed again. I am doing the same in Orux without that problem.

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Good day Kjell,

this may be really complicated problem to solve. First that come in my mind is, if you are able to create on such device log: . There is a chance that in log may be any useful information.


Hello Menion

I was not able to create a debug log. Everything was set for creating it but I waited more than 30 minutes without result.

Anyway , I kept on trying and found that when starting the app in window mode the problem was present but when switching to  full screen mode everything was OK.

This solves my problem since I am using the full screen mode when planning and making routes and I do not need the windows mode. (Before this findings I had the same problem on a 27 inch screen  with 1980X1020 resolution.)

It is very nice to have the map In “Cinemascope” when planning together with other people instead of on the mobil phones 6 inch screen. That is why I bought the Remix Mini.

Thanks for your support.



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Ah damn, this happen from time to time and I still do not know why (inability to create a log even with official tool in Android).

Solution you found is just an alternative solution, but problem in Locus still remains. Unfortunately I have no idea how may I simulate this problem without similar device you have. So if you or anyone, will be able to create some log, let me know. For now, I'm marking topic as "unsolvable".

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