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Highlighting/marking an area of a map.

Žilina shared this question 5 years ago

I don't know if this is possible in Locus Map, so I'm going to throw it out there and see if anyone knows a good solution.

I need to search an specific area and was wondering how I can highlight or mark the perimeter of the area I'm interested in?

I've found some very old posts with similar requests but they are outdated and no longer relevant.

Many thanks :-)

P.S. Sorry I forgot to say that I currently create polygons in Google Earth and import them into Locus Map but creating them out in the field within Locus Map would be very useful.

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Hi Zilina[]=map&s[]=style#style_editor

close line and fill with color #7 in this manual page should do what you are searching for.

Record a track, or create a route inside locus with routeplanner and save it.

Next open the track > Edit info > open "style on map" with pencil > scroll down > select "close line and fill with color" > select your favorit color and transparency > save




Thanks Wolfgang... that's perfect :)

At first I couldn't find most of the options but then I realised I had to switch off the option "Use style of the folder" as it was using the inherited setting of the folder.

Many thanks again :)


you are wellcome ;-)

it´s also possible to set it as "style of folder"


Brilliant minds and all that... I'd already thought the same so created a folder called "Highlighted areas" and set the style as needed.Google Earth is more user friendly for quickly creating areas using the "Polygon" feature but knowing how to create them whilst out and about in Locus will be very useful in the future.

Thanks again :)

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