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Hiking routes are not all displayed shared this problem 5 years ago
Not a Problem

I have a problem to show all hiking routes (coloured) with every map and every theme ...

I have the latest OpenAndroMaps, a new LoMap, themes are all new loaded. And I tried this with the latest beta.

My result:

OAM / intern theme: NO hiking route

OAM / Elevate: only some routes

OAM / Hilo: only some routes

LoMap / intern theme: a lot of routes (I hope all :) )

LoMap / Elevate: NO route

LoMap / Hilo: some

Is there a setting I didn't find?

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there is not settings but it's needed to use the theme that is designed for OAM or for LoMaps. The OAM and LoMaps are not identical.

As I know the Hilo theme is compatible with LoMaps and the Elevate theme is designed for OAM. I can also see from your screenshots that OAM and Elevate theme display all hiking routes. Please note that the pink lines in LoMaps + Intern are cycling routes.

Thank you

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