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Hillshading less visible on higher zoom levels

Stoci75 shared this problem 9 years ago
Not a Problem

When zooming in with hillshading=on, the contrast of hillshading is less than on lower zoom levels (decreasing with zzoming). Because of this, sometimes hard to find exactly the bottom of a valley, or the ridge/summit of a hill.

On zoom level 17 hillshading totally disappears.

In fact, I think it would be better to see a higher contrast in higher zoom levels, because it is more important to see the smaller differences in the altitudes of the terrain.


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unfortunately from my opinion it does not make sense and there also technical limits. Hillshading is tool how to obtain some overview/context about terrain. It shouldn't be used for detailed differences. Hillshading in Locus is created from SRTM data that have accuracy about 2-5 metters. So it's little bit tricky to create hillshading for higher zoom-levels.


I'm not totally agree with this, but I accept it.

Anyway, thank you for your fast answer!

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