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Hillshading on top of maps

brotbuexe shared this idea 10 years ago

Now we have SRTM data and can use them offline.

I wish we could use them to show a hill shade like on

An alternative could be to put a sqlitedb map with the hill shade tiles on top of another.

I saw the possibility to insert contour lines, but I think shading looks better and does not interfer that much with other infos on the map.

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I would prefer contour lines (see my post), but as there are not much votes, I support this idea.


I found a WMS Server that have Hillshade Layers, but it doesnt look good over the vector map, because its just more or less grey on top of the map unlike the hikebike map. And its not offline...

OSM use some sort of Alphachannel png on top of the normal tiles.

Some examples

Looks like its a long way from the srtm files to the alphachannel png tiles...

I tried to make a hillshade only sqlitedb in MAC 1.9 and failed. The hillshade layer works fine in MAC in use with a normal base layer. Don`t know whats wrong. The pngs are just the header and all are the same.

I think the best approch would be to render the shade on the fly by using the downloaded srtm files and then cache the files in sqlite for later use?

But thats a lot of development I think.


last Locus version comes with support for Map overlays. In next version 2.3.2 will be also added section with "Overlays" for online usage. On of overlays is also hillshade from Hike&Bike.

idea completed



in current Locus version is ability to enable shading generated from HGT files for online and vector maps. In next version will be this ability enabled also for personal maps


Just wanted to tell you: With hillshading, maps look soooo good! Thanks :-)

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