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Hold map center enabled only during guidance/navigation

fefrivold shared this idea 6 years ago

Thank you for a GREAT app!

I think I only need the "Hold map center" when i use Guiding or navigation. I think it is a bit annoying when i just "browse around" in the map to seek for geocaches etc. Then 5 second is a too short time.

It would be grat if we could set the number of seconds, and even better if we could specify that this function should apply only during navigation or guiding.

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Change in config.cfg

# time (in seconds) till map center return to current location

# if enabled "Hold center method" (default: 5)



Thank you for your answer, and a solution.

It would still be nice if we could have done this within the app, instead of editing a config file (which is not always so easy on a cell phone).

Being able to choose the function is enabled only under guidance and navigation is still a desire.


After learning a bit more about the Hold Map Center-feature, and realised that it is easy to turn it off to on, simbly by long-pressing on the icon in the bottom panel, I think my request is not that important anyway.


Good day Fred,

glad you found this solution an is useful to you. There exists many parameters that may be useful for certain people and not useful for others. Because there is really huge number of options, we try to add parameters not useful for everyone, into configuration file. And it is a case of this "timeout" parameter. Maybe one day it will be moved to UI of application, but not for now. Thanks for understanding.

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