How can I download map's area selected?

Савченко Євген shared this question 2 years ago

In older versions I had this option to select area of an online map and to save it to phone's memory (sometimes subject to certain daily limitations). The process was simple and intuitive. Now when I try to save offline map, I am directed to Locus Store, which has limited number of maps, not the ones which are available online (and were available for saving before). How could it be fixed? I use free version of the app for Android (on Lenovo P70). Thanks!

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Good day,

Please tap on three sot (context) menu next to online map you wants to dowload. Here ahiuld be an option "download".

In some previous versions, this option was at bottom "+" button, but because here was not sure which map will be downloaded, we have left this settings only at every single map at its context menu.

Thank you for understanding. Let me know if it works for you now or feel free to ask if there will be any problem.


Thank you Menion. This was it works. Problem solved)))