How can I download my payed maps?

John Deere shared this problem 11 months ago
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In 2014 I payed for 3 maps.

Now in my new smartphone I want to install these maps.

But I can't download them. Why?

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You can download your payed maps for "only" one year after you have bought them.


Dear John,

as c.s.g. mentioned you can download purchased Lomaps during first year from purchase or latest update.

There are two options:

- you can copy map files manually from the old device to the new one (if the old one is available). Please see

- second option is update (purchase) on the latest version.

I would suggest the second option - you get map with fresh data and additional features like offline address search

Thank you for understanding

Best regards



Thanks Petr,

I have lost my old smartphone.

I get for a few days the message, that I can download 3 free maps.

But I don´t see maps without the number of payments on the right side.

Or have I do something, so that I download not free maps for free?