How can I filter lopoints points of interest by category

Erin M shared this question 22 months ago

I'm new to locus maps, but I'm not seeing the answer to this in my search.

Right now, my lomap shows tons of points of interest in a variety of categories. That's great, but I don't want some of those categories showing on my map. For example, where I live, there's literally a church on every corner. I don't want churches always marked on my map. How can I turn the church points of interest off on the map (I'm fine with them still showing in the points list) while keeping the museum points of interest on?

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I can suggest to use different theme. You can try 'Road' internal theme that displays churches only in detailed zoom level. I can also suggest to download additional themes created by Locus community. Please open Menu - Store - Graphic - Filter LoMap themes and download for example Hilo or Waymark themes. You can hide several group of POIs when enable these themes.

More about themes and how to change theme

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Interesting. Thanks for the info. I will look into the existing themes in the store, and may also see if I can find documentation on creating my own themes. I just was expecting there to be a simple checkbox type of thing where I could turn categories on and off easily.

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The theme is defined in a XML file. How to is described at

Locus use attributes for version 3 but with own special tags. Documentation for supported Locus tags

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