How does LoMap update work?

Tristan Stanic shared this question 21 months ago

Using LocusMap Pro 3.39.4 on Android Pie.

I began to use LocusMap pro since April 2019. And had downloaded 2 LoMap. I have noticed those 2 maps now have an updated version dated "2019.08.05" which now requires LoCoins to download. Can you please clarify the mechanism of LoMap update?

  • Q1. What is the frequency of a LoMap update? Is it twice a year?
  • Q2. How to know what is new/changed in the update?
  • Q3. Any reason for an update to cost the full price?


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thank you for the post. To your question:

  • Q1 - LoMaps are updated about every 3 months
  • Q2 - There is no change-set for the update. Basically the update offers the map generated from the latest data. I only mention the LoMaps are generated from voluntary project OpenStreetMaps (OSM).
  • Q3 - The price for LoMaps only covers our expenses with generation, distribution of maps. For this reason is the price for an update the same as price for first purchase

Thank you