How I can select the Biketour ET3 in the Map Germany South for navigation

Eckhard Brauch shared this question 3 months ago

There aremany tours in the Locus Maps (for example Germany South) (Hikingand Biking). Some are signed with colored markers and others with letters and/ornumbers. Now I want to use one or the other of these routs (or parts of it) fornavigation. How can I select this forNavigation? Can I look for start and end in a Directory, where are all the tours listed? Are there any descriptions to this themes?

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You cannot have active guiding or navigation on the tracks that are visible in Lomaps or OSM maps straight away.

You need to find a .gpx track and when you download that, you get the option to open (and import) it in Locus.

Try Google or go here: