How often is a license check needed in Pro version / Any option of installing Pro version without Google Play Services?

suka shared this question 4 years ago

I'm thinking of retiring my old phone and only use it as an outdoor GPS and bike computer.

To save battery, I would like to turn off all Google services, most likely by freezing them since I understand that I need to install them to be able to get the Locus Pro version from Play Store and perform initial license validation.

But how often is a re-verification needed? Would be a pain if it happend right on a week-long trip.

Or is there an option to install that does not need Play Store at all? I guess I would even buy Locus again if there was a way to install and use it without any Google dependancy at all.

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Hello suka,

generally, Locus check license only once when you start it for the first time. This license is anyway invalidated in some cases, like:

- change of ROM

- maybe also factory reset

- re-install of Locus of course

- sometimes also after restoring Locus over any Backup manager like TItanium backup

Anyway if there is no dramatical change in device ROM, there should be no reason, why Locus require new check of license.

Currently there is not available any version of Locus Pro that may works without check of license.

Hope this give you required answer. Feel free to ask in case some questions.