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Michael Schmidt shared this problem 3 years ago


I installed Locus Map Pro CBE from Computer Bild 7/2016. I also loaded down the 3 free maps. Now I want to buy further maps. When I try there is the following indication:

"Fehler, Authentifizierung erforderlich, Du musst dich in deinem Google-Konto anmelden."

(Error, audentification is necessary. You must register in your Google-account.)

How can I do this? In the Google Play store the version "Locus Map pro CBE" is not given and therefor I cant buy further maps or LoCoins.

Could you please help me?

Best regard

Michael Schmidt

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Hello Michael Schmidt.

Thank you for your request.

In-app purchasing in Locus app is possible with Google Play service only. So, there is necessary to install Locus application via Google Play store.

In case, you would like to purchase LoCoins and use it in your Locus Pro CB version, please follow these instructions:

  • Install Locus Map Free from Google Play store
  • Login to Locus Store in Locus Free
  • Purchase LoCoins in Locus Map Free application
  • Uninstall Locus Map Free
  • Open your Locus Pro CB version and login to Locus store with the same account which you use for LoCoins purchase
  • You can see available LoCoins for your purchases

In case of troubles or questions, please contact me.

Kind regards



Hi, is there a limit to the time locoins are valid? Mine were bought a while ago and now seem to have disappeared. I cannot check properly as when I click history only the items bought the last few months are visible. Where can I find the history beyond those?



From the reason there is no response from you more than 1 month, we consider this question as closed.

Otherwise, if the problem is still current, please contact us.

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