How to configure the features of the line pointing to a target point

Hilbert Setter shared this question 4 years ago

Hello, when I ask Locus Map (Free 3.24.3) to "Guide On" to a point, a dotted light blue line is included on the map window, showing the right direction and the distance to the target.

This line is very useful, but - using the default configuration - it is very light and thin, and sometimes it is hard for me to see it, especially when the map background has a similar color.

I would like to configure Locus so that this line is thicker and of a more easily visible color (for example red), no matter if it overlaps part of the map: how can I do this?


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Hi Hilbert,

you find this new settings

settings/guiding/last 4 values on this window



Thanks a lot Wolfgang! This is just what I was looking for.

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